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In love with color & fascinated by abstracts. Keri'd away by all things Trey. iRep tha derrty derrtie; Houston, Texas & the Yoruba (Ijebu) of Naija. Music freak, Bookworm, Movie lover & TV Junkie. Struggling college girl; I'd put my major here but I've changed it 4 times in 4 years so.... iAdore purple, semi-addicted to UNIQUE shoes & a tad bit random. I'm the 3rd leg of the KeriKrew.Tumblr.com - BEST source for new photos & annoucements concerning Keri Hilson.


When I go to Disney World I’m going to put all my pictures on Instagram

So follow me @cosbyykidd

You still posting pictures of “the guy you went to school with” or nah?




LEAVE cosbyykidd ALONE!!!!

Please and Thank you.

You scrawny dough faced casper the ghost looking motherfucker—how dare you fucking change what I actually said! I’m not supporting your dumb ass, you immature piece of shit. How insecure are you that you have to pretend to be someone else to get complete strangers to like you? Go suck a fuck and take your suburban “mentally black” wannabe down ass somewhere else, you little cunt.  Go get a real damn hobby. 

Okay I was thinking this dude was playing a prank about being white. But him changing your post clearly says otherwise


i dont care what anyone says goat cheese is an abomination

Still not a greater abomination than American cheese.

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