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In love with color & fascinated by abstracts. Keri'd away by all things Trey. iRep tha derrty derrtie; Houston, Texas & the Yoruba (Ijebu) of Naija. Music aficionado, Bookworm, Movie lover & TV junkie. Struggling college girl; I'd put my major here but I've changed it 4 times in 4 years so.... Style is my thing, that is for sure. I'm the 3rd leg of the KeriKrew.Tumblr.com - BEST source for new photos & annoucements concerning Keri Hilson.

If you’re wondering on whether you should watch Book of Life

go watch that shit, fucking beautiful movie. Absolutely stunning, & about the Day of The Dead no less. 



just be grateful that bing didn’t buy tumblr


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isn’t it weird how you could be doing so many things consciously

and at the same time have multiple scenarios of you and another person running through your head nonstop?


watch me end up getting all hung up on this motherfucker and then find out they’re not feeling me.

I Gotta Hate Her (Tagged Clip)

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