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In love with color & fascinated by abstracts. Keri'd away by all things Trey. iRep tha derrty derrtie; Houston, Texas & the Yoruba (Ijebu) of Naija. Music aficionado, Bookworm, Movie lover & TV junkie. Struggling college girl; I'd put my major here but I've changed it 4 times in 4 years so.... Style is my thing, that is for sure. I'm the 3rd leg of the KeriKrew.Tumblr.com - BEST source for new photos & annoucements concerning Keri Hilson.

My Best Friend

 iHad a bit of an epiphany today. But 1st, lemme give you a bit of background info; iAm a quiet person. Contrary to my “gotta-comment-on-almost-every-damn-post-iPost” tumblr personality, in real life iAm as silent as a mouse. My heads down, iDon’t really like eye contact unless you are my teacher (that’s how iShow them am attentive :), my ears plugged into my music, my eyes glued to the closest novel iCould find. As a result of this, iHave few friends. Plenty of acquaintances, but few friends. iHave lacked a best friend since elementary school. Back then iHad one, three, then back to one. 

 Fast forward to now, skyped with tha Knucklehead today (my boo for my new followers) & he asked me if iHad spoken to my best friend yet. iBlanked out for a moment…the 1st face that popped up at that was his. Truthfully, he is my best friend. He meant his cuz, who iCall my DIL. Granted if iWas still in Naija, & went to BU, we (probably?) would be besties. Since that isn’t how life went, she’s infact my main. iHave two mainz; her, VeeVee & Funmi. My best pals, my fave ppl, my mainz. Not my besties, my mainz.

 This recently uncovered truth scares me. When if we break up, who will iHave? It’s like am setting myself up for failure. 1. I am in a long distance relationship. 2. He is my best friend. 3. My mainz are also in Naija. 4. Even though am feeling the love, I’M ALONE!

  Excuse me while iTake a moment took wallow in self pity.

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